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This website is operated by I-O DATA DEVICE, INC. (herein referred to as I-O DATA).
Before you use this website, please read the requirements for use, and utilize the site only if you agree to these requirements.
From time to time, I-O DATA may change the requirements for use of this website. In such cases, we will publish a revised edition of this document, so please watch for the latest content.


* Restrictions on Using the Information in this Website

The information published on this website is protected by each country's copyright laws, various types of treaties, and other laws. The use of this information, including actions such as duplicating, altering, uploading, posting, transmitting, distributing, licensing, selling, publishing, other than for personal use or within the bounds of other uses clearly permitted by law, is forbidden, unless there is pervious written permission from I-O DATA.


* Instances When Use is Forbidden

The following actions are forbidden in regard to the use of this website.
    1. Actions that infringe, or that may infringe, on a third party, I-O DATA's property, or privacy matters.
    2. Actions that deal a disadvantage or injury, or that may deal a disadvantage or injury, to a third party or I-O DATA.
    3. Actions that go against, or may go against, common practice or good custom.
    4. Actions that are connected to, or may be connected to, criminal activity.
    5. Operations, or transactions entered into for profit, or actions whose aim is to prepare for such activity.
    6. Actions that record others’ email addresses and report or notify using false statements.
    7. Actions that injure the prestige or trust of a third party or I-O DATA.
    8. Actions that use or offer a program infected with a computer virus, or that have the possibility of doing so.
    9. Other actions that violate laws, statues, or regulations, or that have the possibility of doing so.
    10. Other actions that I-O DATA judges as inappropriate.

* Site Links

The content of non-I-O DATA, third-party websites (hereafter referred to as "link sites") which hold links from this website or to this website is governed and under the responsibility of each individual organization, and is not under I-O DATA's management. Please use link sites according to the use requirements published on each link site.

I-O DATA bears no responsibility for the content of link sites, nor for any type of loss that may result from the use of such link sites.

The fact that there is a link to a website in no way means that I-O DATA recommends the use of that link site or the products, services, or corporations published on that link site. Neither does it mean that I-O DATA and the link site have a special relationship of cooperation.

In creating a link, please avoid using our company logo or title design as a link button on your home page. Please link from the words "I-O DATA DEVICE, INC.". If you would like to link to this website, please contact us by e-mail info@iodata.jp .


* Exemption Clause

I-O DATA gives no guarantee of the validity or accuracy of its server's contents and bears no responsibility whatsoever.

I-O DATA also gives no guarantee whatsoever that the functions of this server will not be interrupted, that errors will not occur, that defects will be corrected, that there are no harmful objects such as computer viruses on this website or server, or on any other point.

I-O DATA also will not bear responsibility for any kind of loss or secondary loss that may result from your use of this information, or from the fact that you were unable to use it, or from use of this website.

I-O DATA may change the information on the website without prior notice. Also, we may discontinue or suspend the operations of the website. Please be aware of such possibilities.

Regardless of the reason, I-O DATA also will not bear responsibility for any kind of loss that may result from the change of information or the discontinuation or suspension of operations of this website.


* Proper Law & Jurisdiction

The use of this website as well as the interpretation and application of this requirements of use document will be pursuant to Japan's national laws.

Also, for all disputes related to the use of this website, the court with jurisdiction over the region in which I-O DATA's home office is located will hold the first trial with exclusive jurisdiction.


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