Corporate Philosophy

We will leverage our ideas, technologies, and sincerity to develop and advance the INPUT we receive from society and customers into ever more reliable OUTPUT we give back in the continuing aim to measure up to the expectations of customers and contribute to society.

Corporate Logo

The rounded lettering without an enclosing border was chosen to convey our wish to be a company that is close and immediately accessible to our customers and all other stakeholders, and that continues to evolve flexibly unhampered by existing frameworks. The motif of the I and O with a “heart” symbol in between signifies the founding spirit of our company to continually strive to polish technologies and ideas by listening to the customer’s voice (I: input) and responding wholeheartedly to the customer’s expectations (O: output).


Corporate Stance

Whether at home in Japan or in the international community, I-O DATA tirelessly strives to excel as a indisputable model of corporate ethics, winning the trust of customers, shareholders, business partners, regional communities and employees alike.


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