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After years of breakneck growth through a time where nothing else seemed certain, sales volumes in the PC market at last began to peak in 2000. The mature phase of this industry has begun, auguring a less forgiving business environment in the years ahead.

For many reasons—including a sluggish economy, an uncertain employment picture, the blurring of the line between consumer electronics and the PC and the smartdevices—I-O DATA is marshalling the expertise it gained in the PC-peripheral field to establish a beachhead in digital consumer electronics, a newly emerging field on the fringe between consumer electronics and the PC. The Company sees great opportunities in this fresh and exciting market.

Of course, spotting an opportunity is not the same thing as profiting from it. I-O DATA brings to the field a deserved reputation for quality—a vital advantage in a world shifting decisively from a quantitative to a qualitative focus.

A visit to any retail store will reveal a wide range of low-priced goods on offer. I-O DATA is taking a different direction: the I-O DATA difference lies in technology and creativity. By grasping the real needs of customers and steadily building a reputation for reliability, I-O DATA is laying the groundwork for long-term growth.


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