Environmental Policy

Harmonious Coexistence of Business Activities and Nature

Corporate philosophy of I-O DATA DEVICE, INC. is to meet customer's expectations and to contribute to society.
Moreover, I-O DATA comprehends that the preservation and conservation of the global environment are major worldwide issues, and I-O DATA makes every effort to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities and product life cycles to promote the achievement of sustainable societies.

Environmental Activities Guideline


Planning the continuous improvement of the environmental management system by the implementation of eco-audit and the activities of the environment committee to preserve the global environment and protect it from pollution.


Taking a progressive approach to the requirements for the environment of interested parties complying with environment-related laws and industry's self-regulation.


Endeavoring to contribute to society by cooperating with and supporting environmental protection and conservation activities and events by outside organizations.


Establishing and revising environmental goals to promote the following activities.

(1) Promotion of environment-responsive product design and reduction of environmental impact.
(2) Implementation of activities to conserve electricity, kerosene, and other energy sources used in the course of business activities.
(3) Recycling and proper disposal of waste products generated by business activities.
(4) Efficient use of production materials used in the course of business activities.
(5) Disclosure of information on the company’s environmental efforts.


We will make this Environmental Policy known to all company employees and all other persons working on behalf of the company, and will disclose it to the public.


Nov. 2017
Naonori Hamada, President  


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