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We offer a range of peripheral devices to highlight the excellent support we provide when customizing the computers of our clients according to their needs and requirements. Since our establishment, I-O DATA DEVICE has steadfastly engaged in years of continuous research involving our original technologies in this field. Our relentless pursuit of product development is based on the standpoint of the client, which requires the adoption of designs that appeal to the sensibilities of users, as well as the expected attention to functionality and usability. The tremendous commercial success of such a comprehensive approach testifies to our accepted capacity to create added value.

The development of network companies centered mainly on the Internet cannot be realized in the absence of mutual benefits accruing to both information providers and information recipients. It is, of course, the responsibility of players in the IT industry to efficiently transmit information and reliably ensure the security of such information. Corporate activities undertaken with an unwavering focus on the creation of ubiquitous networks are widely regarded as indispensable for meeting future challenges.

By delivering computer peripherals from our world to each and every one of yours, I-O DATA DEVICE recognizes and seeks to contribute to the increasing levels of diversification and sophistication that render our lives unique. In processing and applying our pool of technological know-how across a broad spectrum of possibilities, we wish for nothing more than to provide meticulous support that precisely addresses the needs of each individual client. Our constant mission is to assist clients in making the most of their important data by enabling them to take advantage of our extensive lineup of products that represent the culmination of our technological dreams.



PC environment is noticeably enhanced by installing I-O DATA high capacity memory devices whether you play and edit video file or enjoy a videogame. We offer a wide range of memory devices, not only the latest DDR2 and SDRAM, but also eco-friendly RoHS-compatible models.

Flash Memory

Cellular phones and digital cameras are widely used gadgets these days. I-O DATA helps you get a maximum fun of digital technology, whether you store photo images or music data, download data to your computer, or swap data with your friends.  I-O DATA's  products are designed to provide you with high performance and ease of use at the same time.


I-O DATA offers a wide range of advanced network equipment including wireless LAN devices, which are very useful for comfortable PC life, and gigabit Ethernet devices, which will generate ever growing demand by the developing of infrastructure. We help you build an advanced network environment whether at home or in the office.


I-O DATA provides simple solutions for storing and managing of crucial data through innovative storage products, which are compatible with the latest interface protocols and media.  I-O DATA offers products which combine ease of use with a high degree of reliability.


Record, watch, edit and create your own video is a key phrase.  Let's enjoy video and music as you would like to.  I-O DATA multimedia products, such as network media player "AVeL LinkPlayer", hard disk recorder "Rec-POT" and TV and video capture products will take you to entertainment beyond the bounds of computer.


Display is a vital interface between computers and users. Our liquid crystal displays will change the image of conventional LCD by its utmost beauty.  They are distinguished with superb color reproduction showing visual images in the highest reality, smart and stylish design, and energy-saving "Ecomode" technology to protect the natural environment.


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