History of I-O DATA



  • I-O DATA DEVICE, INC. founded in Kanazawa, Japan
  • Introduced first graphics display designed for the Japanese textile industry


  • Initiated R&D for first generation of Japanese microcomputers


  • Introduced textile industry’s first on-line loom control computer
  • Developed automatic color image capture system with the capability to store fabric patterns and garment designs


  • Became the first major developer and supplier of memory enhancement products for Sharp personal computers
  • Opened our first microcomputer retail outle


  • Awarded patent for the textile industry’s first “intelligent design” system - enabling on-screen fabric pattern and color changes


  • Established large-scale production facilities in Kanazawa
  • Introduced the 8-inch floppy drive, designed to break the monopoly of proprietary drives


  • Opened Tokyo sales office
  • Sold our first proprietary memory board for NEC PC98
  • Began the design of an entire line of products for NEC PC


  • Introduced a PC-based loom management system, designed for factory automation
  • Introduced a building monitoring system


  • Established the I-O bank method standard of memory expansion for the NEC PC98
  • Developed user-friendly RAM disk software to complement our high-speed memory boards


  • Introduced 8MB and 16MB Memory Expansion Boards
  • Inaugurated the IOS-NET, a customer-support BBS network
  • Introduced voice I/O board for NEC PC98
  • Began selling fax modem boards in a retail environment


  • Developed non-volatile memory modules for PC98


  • Introduced memory boards capable of supporting LIM/EMS
  • Developed 32-bit memory expansion boards
  • Created Memory Server II, a memory management utility software


  • Opened Osaka sales office
  • Began selling RAM cards for NEC and Toshiba notebook computers
  • Introduced a utility program,"D-H - Tool"


  • Announced initial public offering on the Japanese OTC market
  • Entered the multimedia market with the release of our first high-speed graphics
    accelerator for PC98


  • Introduced video capture and overlay boards
  • Introduced a voice recognition board
  • Released a 64 Kbps ISDN board
  • Developed and sold memory for Macintosh
  • Introduced Printer Buffer "PB Series"


  • Opened U.S. office in San Jose, California
  • Entered in to joint venture with Creative Technology to form Creative Media (links to Japanese language page), a jointly-owned company responsible for the development and distribution of Sound Blaster products in Japan
  • Introduced two Microsoft-certified, Windows-compatible graphic accelerator cards


  • Opened showroom in Akihabara
  • Opened Fukuoka sales office
  • Co-founded Japanese-based MPEG/Windows Forum to establish standards for PC multimedia software
  • Made international debut at Comdex Fall ‘94


  • Opened sales offices in Nagoya and Sapporo
  • Introduced PLANT series - a complete line of LAN adapter products
  • Introduced 64-bit graphic accelerator cards
  • Earned PC Monthly’s “PC of the Year” award for graphics accelerator cards in two separate categories


  • Established TAIWAN I-O DATA DEVICE, INC., a subsidiary of I-O DATA DEVICE, INC.
  • Formed ADI Japan, Inc. - a joint venture with Nissei Sangyo and Taiwan’s ADI
  • Established the I-O Net subsidiary
  • Introduced portable storage devices for laptop computers, allowing us to expand our product line to the mobile market
  • Establish a Strategic Planning Department to develop new and innovative products and business opportunities
  • Earned "The Third Annual Regional Service" award by Nippon Keizai Shinbun, in cooperation with the National Land Agency


  • Introduced UHDS Series - large capacity Ultra-SCSI hard disk drive
  • Established joint venture with Advanced Information, Inc. (ALL), a member of the Acer Group in Taiwan.
  • Earned the "1997 Industry Award" for Import Promotion Contributions from the Chubu Bureau of International Trade & Industry
  • Introduced high-speed line of portable CD-ROM drives in the U.S. market
  • Announced the availability of a new line of digital and analog LCD monitors


  • Formed I-O & YT Pte. Ltd. in Singapore - a joint venture with Yokoyama Shokai
  • Debuted a line of CardBus/16 bit PC Cards in the worldwide OEM market
  • Introduced one-chip IDE-SCSI converters to device manufacturers and system integrators
  • Opened sales offices in Sendai and Yokohama
  • Acquired ISO 9001, quality assurance standards by the International Organization for Standardization


  • Initiated a new strategy for forming international OEM partnerships
  • Introduced a digital-interface PC Card for LCD monitors and projectors
  • Opened a sales office in Hiroshima
  • Earned "Good Design Award" for Portable Series "CDRP-AX420", etc., by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization


  • Appeared at Comdex Fall 2000


  • Began marketing wireless LAN products
  • Established I-O DATA DEVICE USA, INC. - a joint venture with Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Launched Network Solution Division


  • Formed I-O & YT (Hong Kong) Ltd. in Hong Kong - a joint venture with Yokoyama Shokai
  • Acuired ISO 14001, international environmental management standard


  • Introduced a new compression technology, extend-play XVD Capture board
  • Awarded the Japan Manual Award 2003, (home product category III) by Technical Communicator Association


  • Held the private exhibition "AVeL Fair" at Tokyo International Forum
  • Established a subsidiary, "I-O & HY (Shanghai), Ltd." in Shanghai
  • Was listed on the Jasdaq Securities Exchange


  • Exceeded the 1 million shipments in display of “the ECO demo” deployment
  • Opened an internet shop “ioPLAZA”
  • Developed and began selling a 32V type high resolution liquid crystal television “FTV-320H” for Hi-vision, with AV input of seven systems


  • Established “M data Inc.”, a joint investment company with BeMap, Inc. and PROJECT INC. and others
  • Relocated sales headquarters in Tokyo


  • Co developed GyaO -Plus Television PC with USEN Corporation which
    can be watched free broadband contents "GyaO".
  • Developed and began selling 19 inches wide Liquid crystal display
    "LCD-DTV191XBR" with Digital tuner.
  • Joined "Windows Digital Lifestyle Consortium" with 48 partners.


  • Began selling ASP service "Web Pilot" as a new business, which works with an authentication key on USB flash memory.
  • Developed and began selling TV capture board "GV-MVP/HS" to watch and record Japanese terrestrial digital broadcasting on PC.


  • Developed and began selling date communication card "WMX-U01" that supports high-speed mobile communications "WiMAX".
  • I-O DATA DEVICE,INC. is selected as a supplier of digital-to-analog TV converter box for The FY 2009 Financial Assistance for Purchase of Degital Terrestrial Broadcasting Receivers by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.


  • Established "Digital Life Promotion Association" among three PC peripheral companies.
  • Developed and began selling DTCP-IP supported high-vison recording hard disk "RECBOX Series".
  • Developed and began selling 3D supported 23 inches wide liquid crystal display "LCD-3D231XBR".


  • Entered the field of Smartphone peripherals.(One segment tuner and NAS Remort Link function)
  • Authorized the memory expansion board for NEC PC-98 series(began selling in 1984) by the "Ishikawa Manufacturing Industrial Heritage".


  • Established a subsidiary "ITG Marketing, Inc."
  • Announced the digital signage "digisign CUBE", which is designed for offices.


  • Developed and began selling the world's first remote access supported HD video recording hard drive, "RECBOX HDL-A Series" using DTCP+ technology.
  • As an exclusive domestic distributor of the "Verbatim Brand", I-O DATA started selling products including optical disk.
  • Renew the corporate logo.
  • Started to handle genuine accessory products, "GALAXY Series".


  • Developed and began selling Music CD Tracking Drive “CD Reco” for Smartphones and tablet.
  • Developed and began selling 4K supported 28 inches wide Liquid crystal display“ LCD-M4K281XB” and 4K supported USB graphics adapter “USB-4K/DP”.


  • Began selling HD drives made in Western Digital Technologies, Inc as a domestic distributor.
  • Was listed on the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Developed and began selling Network Audio Server “fidata”.


  • Was listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Developed and began selling an external touch module “teletouch” which use with a large screen TV or LCD.


  • Started selling a small and affordable computer “Raspberry Pi”, etc., as a domestic distributor of “Embest Technology Co. Ltd,”.
  • Concluded a contract on capital and business alliance with Maxell Holdings, Ltd.
  • New appointment of Representative Director.
    Chairman Akio Hosono
    President Naonori Hamada


  • LCDs have shipped over 10 million units.
  • Joined “Japan e-sports Union (JeSU)”
  • Began selling “HVT-4KBC”, a TV tuner for 4K satellite broadcasting.


  • Built “Nomi Logistics Center” in Nomi, Ishikawa.


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